Sanctions Policy

iComply Risk Management Limited and International Sanctions Requirement

iComply Risk Management Limited (herein “iComply”) is licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and might have clients from various jurisdictions. We have a duty to demonstrate adherence to the sanctions regimes of the United Arab Emirates, United Nations, Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC), UKHMT and EU regulatory authorities.

iComply will therefore engage in a screening process of prospects, customers and users of our products and services on a regular basis. If a potential or actual customer is either located in an embargoed country or fails our screening, iComply will not provide products or services to that potential customer. Additionally, we do not permit a customer to allow access to iComply products or services in an embargoed country.

If a customer that was previously not sanctioned becomes sanctioned and is detected as part of our regular screening process, we will discontinue services to that customer. Where a non-sanctioned customer purchases for services to be accessed in a number of locations and it is disclosed that this includes any location in an embargoed country we will not provide access to customer's employees at that location and will terminate any such access that we discover.

iComply expects its customers to agree, in their contracts with iComply, to comply with this policy and iComply may terminate the contract of any customer that demonstrably does not comply.